The Longevity Prescription: The 8 Proven Keys to a Long, Healthy Life

The internationally revered, Pulitzer Prize-winning father of geriatric medicine offers a revitalizing plan for living a longer and better life.

The Longevity Prescription outlines eight essential facets of longevity: exercise, nutrition, mental vitality, sleep, relaxation, love and intimacy, community connections, and medical care. Based on proven discoveries, the strategies in each of these areas stretch the proceeds of the “three-decade dividend,” while delaying or eliminating chronic illness. With step-by-step guidance for formulating an action plan and adopting new habits and strategies, The Longevity Prescription also guides readers through special challenges, such as diabetes and cancer.

A baby boomer turns sixty every 7.6 seconds, but many of America’s graying millions approach the later years of life with fear and trepidation. Emphasizing clear-cut research findings that balance physical health with emotional well-being, Butler and his colleagues offer a definitive path to whole-life happiness.

August 31st, 2011 Healthy Coping Skills 0 Comments

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