Teaching Social Skills to Youth: A Curriculum for Child-Care Providers

A master guide to social skills instruction for anyone working with children and adolescents.

Youth who make poor decisions, have difficulty making friends, fight, and generally behave badly often do so because they never have learned the social behaviors many of us take for granted.

Their inability to cope with everyday situations makes them vulnerable to an array for problems, including self-defeating behaviors and self-destructive impulses.

Teaching Social Skills to Youth describes one of the most effective ways to help improve the behavior of young people. More than 180 social skills, from the basic (following instructions and introducing yourself) to the complex (stress management and conflict resolution), are broken down into component behaviors to aid the learning process. The book also explains the teaching techniques that enable youth to recognize when, where, or with whom to use a particular skill.

Teaching Social Skills to Youth is an ideal resource in the classroom, in counseling or therapy, and in job training programs. It’s also the perfect companion book to Treatiang Youth with DSM-IV Disorders: The Role of Social Skill Instruction.

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