A Guide to Fulfillment for Families with Attention Deficit Disorder

Thom Hartmann focuses on the positive aspects of ADD. There is so much that people with ADD can do and contribute… there is so much GOOD that can be channeled and focused in the right direction to create a successful life! As an adult with ADD and the parent of a child with ADD, I really appreciate these great examples.

I was looking for positive books on A.D. to use to boost my 10-yr old son’s self-esteem after recently beginning treatment for this “disorder”. The book gives many examples of successful, creative, and dynamic individuals throughout history who were undoubtedly A.D. affected. Hartmann explains in detail his theory that A.D. affected individuals represent the “Hunters” of our society – highly observant, quick in thought and action, seeking excitement unlike the more numerous “Farmers” who represent the agrarian development of our civilization with more plodding ways.

Many of the successful strategies given are from those individuals who have learned to control and focus this “multi-tasking” part of their personality becoming quite successful in the process. Mr. Hartmann balances this view of A.D. as a “gift” with ample examples of the pain, tragedy, or mere lack of success which can occur when the A.D. individual is put in the wrong circumstance.

This book is refreshing departure from the countless books which rehash the “disorder” with the usual history, diagnostic criteria, and treatment. As a modestly successful A.D. individual who has great difficulty finishing a book, I was pleasantly supprised to have finished it in an evening (long) and greatly enjoyed sharing its salient points with my family.



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