Coping Skills Interventions for Children and Adolescents [Hardcover]

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A book in the Psychoeducational Intervention Series

Provides a wide range of coping skills interventions for helping children learn to handle everyday stress and deal better with academic, interpersonal, and physical demands both in and out of the classroom. Also includes specific techniques for promoting change and evaluating results.


I bring into being this book very caring and easy to understand. I have lately switched careers and I am running with adolescents versus adults and this book assisted me in furthering my skill of adolescents.

Forman has assembled the mainly broad literature on coping skills interventions for children and adolescents currently available…an extraordinarily valuable supply. –Thomas R. Kratochwill, professor, Subdivision of Edifying Psychology, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Provides teach psychologists, counselors, social recruits, and teachers with a wide breadth of coping skills interventions planned to help them teach children how to switch stress and deal extra expertly with moot, interpersonal, and raw anxiety in cooperation in and comatose of the classroom. Details the certain techniques that container be used to promote and evaluate scholar variation. Shows how lessons in moderation guidance, social problem-solving guidance, social skills guidance, and insolence guidance container promote the intensification of interpersonal and emotional competence.

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