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June 21st, 2011 1 Comment

In our daily life we do many activities that are sometimes similar and sometimes different each day. All this invites a different passion commonly called by emotion. Most people associate emotions with anger, when emotions are not always meaningful. Actually, emotional responses ‚Äútaste” of something that happened in the “outside” themselves. Overcome them requires skill and emotion.

Each of us has a different ability or skill in overcoming problems, or responds to events. Copping skill capabilities that shall be owned by each person to remember us as living beings will never be free from the name issue.

Various things happen and will happen inviting coping skills that basically it will show the quality of our capacity to everyday problems. As you age, the events became the discussion in our psyche. In the essence, our feelings and thoughts will evolve in the face of increasingly complex life. However, there are times when coping skills must be improved in some people with problems in his personality.

Contacting a psychologist or psychiatrist might help, but, does it should always be run to someone else to help us overcome the turmoil soul flavor? It is of course not. We can learn on their own, we can train the skills to overcome various life upheavals, both positive and negative. Really, the best of maturity is learning to develop. Self-control, calmness, confidence is part of maturity. Crying or writing poetry can be better for you than lamenting the condition is going on.

We here in addcopingskills.com want to share tips, self improvement skills, posting articles that can invite us to have a successful mindset, and others. If there is something what you need to convey to the common good please contact us at info@aryotejo.com, we can discuss more about Coping Skills here. Sharing is really good. Hopefully addcopingskills.com can be one of useful Coping Skills discussion.


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  1. Alexandr says:

    Some ways to cope with depression are faisntg and prayer. Constant prayer. Depression is of Satan . GOD intended for us to be happy and filled with the Holy Spirit. Look at the word depression De- Something deep inside you ,Press- To keep you low and pressed downSion to shun you away from GOD.I believe it is the work of Satan and his followers.Stay in prayer and stay in constant fellowship with people of Christ. He will free you and use this experience as a testimony for others.Remember everything is done for a reason and GODS GLORY.And this too shall Pass. Stay encouraged and praise GOD even in the midst of your depression and the devil will flee. You have the victory.Because I now HAVE THE VICTORYThis is my testimony to the same

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