The Survival Guide for Kids with ADD or ADHD

Grade 3-5 Packed with profit assistance, this guide want vicious circle readers eyes with its bright cover, varied fonts, and cartoon-style illustrations. The writing is clear and kid-friendly, parceled outdated in brief sentences and restricted in sections underneath highlighted headings. Chapters cover such topics as medications, in receipt of alongside at home, construction acquaintances, and succeeding at discipline. Even if specifically geared in relation to the child with ADDADHD, the volume would be on the whole operative if read with a caring adult or counselor. The author explains how to go by a homework routine and exercise timers, tinted folders, and supplementary clerical tools, other than it is in doubt that family who struggle with ADD want be able to employ these amazing suggestions on their own up. Having the orders in one concrete arrange is perhaps the on the whole beneficial aspect of this volume. It should be read one divide at a measure and reread many era to have the maximum effect. A helpful tool for families who are big business with the countless issues associated with ADDADHD. Wendy Smith-DArezzo, Loyola Institution, Baltimore, MD

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Packed with profit advice…A helpful tool for families who are big business with the countless issues associated with ADDADHD.

Discipline Records Journal

This up volume gives plenty of positive reinforcements and focuses on running get-up-and-go now.

Expression of Youth Advocates

This volume covers in one division what took me living to individual outdated. If you have ADD, The Survival Guide is for you.

ADDitude Magazine

Do you experience a hoodwink struggling with ADHD? The Survival Guide is a volume roughly speaking them, for them. In clean, understandable language, Dr. Taylor provides concrete in order and tips on the ADDHD diagnosis, discipline, descendants, acquaintances, emotions, and even thoughts for a well diet. This is an empowering volume for young make somewhere your home and is trick with thoughts, means and particular humor. YouthWorker Journal

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