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Coping Better…Anytime, Anywhere lets mentally normal people instantly start learning to be as happy and emotionally satisfied as they choose to be. With clear,everyday language, this self-help handbook shows you the easy, yet medically proven, A B C way to daily cope better and better with any negative event and thereby really be the only self-help book you will ever need. You probably know, happiness and emotional satisfaction don’t usually grab you when you are not looking. You have to choose them. So why not go now to page one and start learning how to be as happy and emotionally satisfied as you choose to be. today and everyday? You’ll have nothing but emotional misery to lose.

This book taught me that I have the power to choose my feelings, even when I do not have the power to choose what others around me do. This book also taught me to seek what irrational beliefs I have inside me which lead me to react to certain situations in a way that is not going to make me happy. Maultsby shows in practical ways how I can make my life happier everyday and retain control of how I feel and how I react. I no longer have to give power to others around me to affect my daily life in ways that hurt me in the past. The book is easlily readable and very practical. You owe it to yourself to read this handbook for better and more fucntional living.

This book was recommended by a professor at UPENN. This book provides easy strategies to help improve one’s attitude by restructuring emotions and beliefs. Very easy reading with immediate results

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